Monday, December 19, 2011

What crazy weather is this!!

On the weekend, we were in Toronto and then Peterborough - both locations completely "snow"less.

As we headed back up, we ran into a few flakes in Gravenhurst, which continued for the rest of the trek. We passed a number of lakes that looked like they were partially or completely iced over - with a little coating of snow. And we were surprised to see the same site on our lake when we got home.

But, in keeping with the forecast of warmer temps, this is what it looks like this morning.

 Certainly not very Christmas card like, is it?

And the forecast doesn't seem to hold much promise of white stuff either.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Ice Cometh

Here is what we woke to this morning, following a grey and drizzly day yesterday. And lots of melting on Monday.

If you look carefully at the top picture, you can see not only the frost on the glass panels, but little things floating in the water. The second picture shows it a bit better - ice crystals starting to form.

This seems very strange indeed, since we have been having practically balmy days of 5 degrees!! We went to Barrie yesterday for an appointment and it was 9 degrees there - wow!

We have lost most of the snow that we got on the weekend, which was enough to get the snow blowers out again. I guess we are on the northern edge of the weather pattern that Toronto is having - they are expecting a high of 11 tomorrow and they have NO snow. We aren't that warm, obviously, but we don't have a lot of snow compared to other years.

There is only a 1 in 3 chance for Toronto to have a white Christmas, which is sad, since everyone - even the most avid snow haters - want to see flakes on Christmas Eve. I think our chances are considerably better. I just don't want it to interfere with everyone's travel plans.

Even though I don't want a ton of snow, I am keenly aware of those who rely on it for their livelihood.
We passed Mount St. Louis Moonstone yesterday and other than the two runs they have been blowing snow on, there is nothing!!!!

Plus, we passed quite a few pick up trucks with plows on their fronts - who looked a bit obvious on the totally bare highway. Those guys depend on that work to supplement their seasonal employment, so that can't be good for them.

I feel pretty confident we don't have to worry in this neck of the woods. I just hope that the late start doesn't mean a late finish - with snow in April.