Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow Snow Snow Snow

Looks like we are making up for lost time.

The last week has had snow at least part of every day. So for those of you who still have none - or none to speak of, here are a couple of pics taken today.

We have to be careful not to move the snow too early in the day, or we have to do it again. But the roads are great - the plow seems to come after the smallest snowfall. It's fantastic to know that we will never be "snowed in".

A few more snow machines over the weekend, but certainly not in the numbers we have seen before. I just visited The Parry Sound Snowmobile District website and this is their Trail Conditions page  and there is a lot of Closed or Limited and not too much Open.  As non-riders, it doesn't affect us too much, but we know the impact it has on the local economy when the sledders don't come. Hopefully all this new snow will improve things.

The cross-country ski club is open and there's certainly enough snow around here for snow shoeing - just maybe not on the lake without testing first.

If you're lonely for the snow - come and get it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Snowmobiles on the Lake

We've had lots of snow this week and pretty cold temps so I figured it wouldn't be too long before the first snowmobiles would be on the lake. The first four went by about half an hour ago. Hopefully it's safe out there for them.  Once we have seen lots of them, we know it's safe for skiing and venture out.

Thursday was the first time I can remember white out conditions driving back from town. Here is a picture I took from inside the car. Luckily, I didn't encounter any other vehicles on my way in.

That night, after the storm, the lights along the deck railing looked like a million paper lanterns, so I took this shot.

Yesterday, it snowed again - the largest flakes I have seen in ages. So large, that I actually was able to take a picture of them falling.

The snow removal on the road continues to boggle the mind - they are here as soon as you even think there is enough snowfall. It's amazing!

So far, the driving has been ok - at least for us. Not so for the two pick up trucks who managed to go off the road, both on the first turn past the transfer station.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

Our bright and shiny new year came in looking like anything but.  It's a dark and blustery day indeed.

But it does look as if winter is here to stay. Starting on the 27th, we got snow that has stayed - even required three driveway clears since then.  Thanks to our kids for doing the first one - that was a real Christmas treat.

As the ice was arriving, I took lots of pictures. Different areas froze long before others and some areas had a good two inches while the centre channel - as well as warm spots in our bay - remained open.

This is what it looked like when I started taking the progress pics.

One snowy morning it looked as if it were all iced over.

Two frigid nights made it look like we would get a freeze without snow.

Then, after a couple of days of steady rain, we had puddles and were open again.

The ice now appears to be all in, although not thick enough for any lake-top activities. That said, is it any surprise to hear on the news that we have had the first snowmobile mishap with some bozo being fished out of the water already? Duh.

You will be pleased to hear that your stalwart Lake Association Secretary and Treasurer, George and Eva, went above and beyond their assigned duties and welcomed 2012 in style last night - with midnight fireworks. Try as we might to stay awake, that is past our bedtime and Rick and I didn't make it. I'm sure it was spectacular. In light of the the thin ice factor, the celebration was held at the sand pit, which is the sensible way to do it.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2012 for one and all. To a short winter. And a L-O-N-G cottage season.