Friday, May 10, 2013

Finally a Little Rain

At last - spring - if only for a day. It has been sooooo warm here - at least 5 degrees warmer than TO pretty much every day for well over a week.

Here is a picture of the leaves from the walk this past Monday.

And here they are again yesterday.

You could nearly watch them grow. I swear there were barely any buds last weekend. And by Wednesday, you couldn't see the place next door. Mother Nature in over drive.

The rain is a good thing, since the road is a dust bowl and everything needs a rinse. Our neighbour Janet was in the lake day before yesterday and said it wasn't that cold - SURE!!

On the bad news side, the black flies are here. They were swarming on Thursday when we walked, but still not biting. I am pretty sure this rain will activate that response. But if we get some good hot days next week, maybe they will be gone for the long weekend.

Spoken like a true cottager.

Hope to see you soon.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ten Days Later and It Feels Like Summer

The ice is gone.
The boats are in.
The geese are going overhead in droves.
The peepers are singing in the bogs.

The garden is growing so quickly, you can almost watch.
And on our walks, there are dog-tooth violets in the ditches and the trilliums are coming along.

And so far, no black flies!!!

Yesterday, it was 25 here and we celebrated with a tin boat ride. The first one is always the best. If this keeps up, there might be swimming on the long weekend.