Monday, September 26, 2011

Falling into Fall

The colour show has begun.

In some parts, it is more spectacular than others, and I bet they will peak just in time for Thanksgiving. (Time for me to get a new camera, so I don't have to keep using my phone.)
The drive in from Oastler Park is becoming quite colourful. Here is our cottage name tree with its orange crown.

Since it was such a glorious weekend, we did two day trips - Saturday to Huntsville along the Aspdin Road (which was spectacular) and Sunday to Killbear. Just that little bit further north, the leaves were quite a bit behind. Someone said that the trees on the Bay are the last to turn and I saw proof of that this weekend.

And proof of lower water levels as well, as you will see from these pictures.  
The black line is the usual water level.

These rocks have always been under water before.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Strolling into September

The last couple of days have been downright chilly, with temps just barely into the double digits. The dip in temperature not only cools the lake, but changes all the flora around us. I brought my camera along for a walk, to share the beauty of early fall.

Mother Nature sure knows how to ease us into the fall. The plants are beautiful and the palette is remarkable. She just never gets it wrong!! I'm not even sure what half of these are, but they were worth capturing and worth sharing.

I know that these are Astors.
And these are Queen Anne's Lace.
Golden Rod, which is NOT ragweed.
A pretty white berry on a red stem. No idea.
This was meant to be the little orange "pop" flowers, but
it looks great with the twigs and the Golden Rod.
Leaves beginning to change all over the place.
A shock of red maple in the distance.
The colour combination of lilac and yellow and green is beautiful.
And the sumach begin to glow.