Thursday, December 4, 2014

Here Comes the Ice.

After gaining and losing that massive amount of snow in November, we seem to be in a more "normal" winter phase now with occasional flurries that don't require twice-a-day snow removal.
The lake is beginning to ice over - enough that the snow is actually sitting on it.

And the ridiculous ducks that were trying to sit on the first skim seem to have moved along.

I wonder if this winter will make the lake more usable for skiing and snow shoeing than the past many. So many years of freeze-sink-flood have made the lake "no fun" for anyone. Even when you know there are feet and feet of ice out there, seeing rooster tails behind the snow machines means the skiing will not be great. Fingers crossed for a good cold snap to give us some nice ice.

Despite how grey these pictures look, we had nice sun today and a lovely pink sky is beginning, so tomorrow should have more of the same.