Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring? What spring?

If "sprinter" was the new handle for last year, you ain't seen nothing yet!!

Although spring officially started more than 48 hours ago, you sure wouldn't know it by looking out the window. Since that "event" we have had two days of steady snowfall - just in case we didn't have enough already.

Before I start to feel too sorry for the Salmon Lake folks, check out what a friend on Georgian Bay bought this year - after being stranded for 18 days. That is one serious piece of snow removal equipment. The 60" snowblower ensures he will NEVER be stuck again!! (And he figures he can hire himself out at $100/hour. More than one way to pay off your investment!!!)

Compared to being unable to get out for 18 days (which would be very scary), I guess a frozen septic pipe and a shifted water line are not so bad.  And running away from it all for a while should have helped more than it did. According to rumour, we have another 3 weeks of this ahead of us.

So, "sprinter" may now be the new "spring". The sun is out today and warm enough to have things dripping outside, but the cold cold temps at night are not helping with the thaw efforts.

Fingers crossed that when it does warm up, it will do so gradually. Already the road is a complete mess with flooding in the lower parts, mud in the dirt parts and icy patches in the shade. It's like Mother Nature designed a special all-terrain course for us to drive through every day.

I will keep everyone posted on the thaw - or lack thereof. Maybe on the bright side, we can avoid black fly season altogether!!