Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holy Snow!

If you have been watching the news, you already know that we have been pummelled with snow in the past two weeks. It's unbelievable!! Everyday, we wake up to another 6-8 inches of fresh stuff. Yikes.

The temperatures in the early part of the week were hovering between -18 and - 21, but have turned positively balmy today at - 3. But the snow continues to fall. Driving back from town, the flakes were ever larger on the way in the road, so I took some pictures out the window.

Here is what you are in for if you are venturing this way over the holidays. Check out the size of the snowflakes.

The trees really do look beautiful, and if you never had to shovel the snow, you could admire it all day long.

Here is our front door. My hanging baskets have completely disappeared and our snow bank is already February or March size. Everyone is running out of places to put the stuff.

But I will wish you all happy holidays with this pretty picture. It does look suspiciously like a gingerbread house, doesn't it?