Friday, May 30, 2014

Leaves, Bugs and Keys Keys Keys

I am happy to report that the leaves are pretty much out. They seemed to pop in the last week.
With them, unfortunately come the bugs. Ya gotta love when blackflies and mosquitoes overlap. A feeding frenzy.

But the biggest pest this year are the keys. Thousands upon thousands of them everywhere. A banner year, according to everyone I have spoken with. Apparently it happens every five years or so, and I am sure we can thank that merciless winter for this year's yield.

Apparently, if they are on lawn areas, you can weed whack or mow them to get rid of them. But seriously, they are sprouting in places where the degree of difficulty for growing is horrendous. I have already devoted hours to picking them out of the driveway, pathways and river rock. And today, I will begin on the lake side. Here are just a few pics I took.

pathway in the garden

front "lawn" (and I use the term loosely)

garden bed

Bug suit, bug spray, rain boots and gardening gloves will all be in style while I pull bucket after bucket of seeds from the garden. You can sit in one spot and pull hundreds without moving. Yikes!!

Oh well, boats are in so we can have a lovely cruise before dinner as our reward.