Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring is Sprouting Everywhere

On our walk this afternoon, there were so many signs of spring, I snapped a few to share.

 There is a definite green cast to the woods as you walk along, mostly due to all these buds, I think.

These freckled leaves are everywhere and I am pretty sure they are Dog Tooth Violets, which I used to pick in bunches for my mom when I was growing up in NB

First perfect dandelion - what would spring be without them!

 Sure enough - they ARE Dog Tooth Violets - finally found one!!

Even the Trilliums are coming up - by the middle of next week, I'm pretty sure the woods will be peppered (or should I say salted) with them.

It's so much fun to walk and see the changes each day.

Oh, and the loons are here - or at least one of them.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ducks and Daffodils and Beavers - Oh my!

Back to posting after two glorious trips. And, other than missing the palm trees, there really is no place like Home.

We arrived to find the ice out of the lake, a beautiful Easter weekend with all the signs of spring, and weather mild enough to get all the clean up done before the bugs arrive.

Daffodils along the road on Greene Lane.

A pair of ducks who have been hanging around the bay.

There are noisy geese on the bay, daffodils and other flowers coming up on our property (fully bloomed on Greene Lane) and a pair of ducks swimming around the bay on a regular basis.

And the big chatter on Easter weekend - other than about the crazy/brave people who went swimming - was about the beavers. Apparently we practically have an infestation, who have been busy as "you know whats". Trevor, el Presidente, was bemoaning the loss of trees all over his property as were Glen and Sara.

Trevor did his duty and investigated further to see if this plague was everywhere on the lake (except for us, because we have no hardwood trees anywhere near the water). He was able to learn that the Township actually sent in a trapper because of a problem at the outlet to Otter and she removed 5 large fellows for relocation. Apparently, they are prepared to remove the beavers if they pose a problem to township property, but not so fast with private property. For that, they charge $25 per beaver.

Since Glen and Sara saw a huge fellow on the neighbour's beach when they arrived for the weekend, which was after the trapping, it would appear they are not all gone yet. And they seem to have an appetite for not just saplings, but mature oaks as well. Hopefully, the damage is not too wide spread.

On the weather front, the forecast for the next while is rain, rain and more rain, which is probably just as well since we had so little snow. But I was up to watch the early morning unfold today.  The light mist on the lake turned into fog so dense I couldn't see the island. Within an hour it had lifted to unveil a beautiful sunny day.

Won't be long before the lake is humming again. There are already a couple of boats in the water. And we look forward to having lots of company on the lake again.