Monday, July 22, 2013

Art Installation at the Portage

For those of you who saw it last summer, there was an art installation in the pond near Trailside Park.
It was beautiful, looked like a plant and really was incredible with the flowering water lilies. It appeared suddenly and stayed for about a month. It was my first official "art bombing".

George, our valiant secretary, thought it was a plant and even went online to find out what he was seeing. He was flabbergasted to learn, just this month, that it was man made.

Luckily for us the artist, whose installation it was, approached us (and we in turn approached the executive) to see about putting a similar installation on our lake. We said yes and this past week, under cover of darkness (again), he worked his magic.

Here is what you will see if you paddle right into the bay near the portage - or walk down the road.

In order  to not disturb anything, it is tucked in right near the road, past the fallen logs. You really have to go right into the tiny bay to see it. I discovered it on my paddleboard on the weekend.

So, who is behind this wonderful "art bombing"? Willie Schenk, who is actually a full-time resident on Otter Lake, not Salmon. He is the fellow with the metal sculptures near the road - the large sun flower and the big eyes with the sunglasses.

He has a number of sculptures and carvings that he is happy to share with the world at large, and you too, if you go and knock on his door. I think we are very lucky to have this addition on our lake - for however long he chooses to leave it here.