Sunday, March 18, 2012

This is March break?

I just came back from town and my car thermometer said 23 degrees outside!!! That is warmer than Toronto, according to my iphone.  (In fact, our friends who stayed behind in Barbados are only 6 degrees warmer than we are.)

And according to this blog (which is my virtual memory), on March 17th last year it was 6 degrees - yikes!!

I took some pictures to share. The roads are bare and a bit muddy. There is a tiny bit of the snow banks left and some patches of snow in the woods, but mostly it is all gone.

No snow on the road, except the occasional bit in the woods.

Absolutely no snow on the property.

The ice is melted from the shoreline and there are large dark patches of ice in the centre of the bay - the last step before going.

I took this picture yesterday to show the dark spot in the centre

This is how much darker it is today.

This shows the open water at the shoreline

And here is a picture of the water line duck. I just checked my posts from last year, and it was April 4th before his head popped out and April 7th when he was this far out, so we are definitely ahead.

Already he is out to his shoulders (if ducks have shoulders)
Too bad for the snow mobilers, the skiers and the snow plow guys. This has not been a great year for them. And I'm sure all the critters and plants are more than a little confused.

Oh well, on the bright side, if this spring continues with these temperatures, we'll all be swimming by April 24th instead of May 24th.