Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well, it's here!! For a few days, we have been getting flurries that have stayed around.
This was a few days ago.

This was this morning. The Christmas lights on the railing were on, it was so dark. The sun is trying to poke through now. The trees look very beautiful.

The forecast is for 7 degrees on Sunday, so don't know how long this will stick around.

Friday, November 2, 2012

White Stuff This Morning

We awoke to white stuff this morning. The earliest we have personally witnessed in the nearly 20 years coming here. The next earliest was November 5th in about 1995.

It didn't last long. And it was predicted. But it was still a bit of a shock and a remind of what is to come.

And if those leaves weren't already a big mess yesterday, the sure are now!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Send in the Leaf Elves, Please.

There are only two months on Salmon Lake that are not beautiful. The first day of one of them is today. The other one falls between January and March and traditionally has just too much snow - we will see what happens this year.

It turns out that we didn't quite escape the wrath of Super Storm Sandy. The winds that came were strong enough to bring down the last of the leaves - as well as the power for nearly 24 hours. Wiring in the generator was definitely one of the smartest decision we have made.

The rain that followed Sandy has been with us ever since, which means that the leaves are all sitting there, too wet to move. And I swear there are more of them every year.....

Below is the view out the window that has repeated for days and days and days. Hopefully the sun that is forecast for the weekend will arrive and dry out things enough for us to get busy.

Leaving the rakes outside the front door at night just doesn't seem to be working. Those Elves must be busy somewhere else.