Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where is summer?

It is July 30th. We are stuck inside - again - with rain and very cool temps. High today (according to iphone weather) will only be 19.

Okay, so if we are a month behind, July's weather was June's. August's will be July's - unless August decides to do September's. Fingers crossed that will not be the care.

The only happy living things around here are the plants. They are ENORMOUS! There are thistle-like weeds at the side of the road that are well over 6' tall. And folks who have been coming here for the 20+ years we have been here can't get over how green everything is.

Oh well, no sense in beefing about it, since it won't change anything - oh to heck with that - of course we can complain.

Here's to a warmer, dryer August! And sunny weather for our AGM on Saturday, August 2nd. 
Our hosts will be Adrienne and Peter Boersma (of Boundary Lake, driveway near the recycling bins and our message board).

Look for the bright green sign in our Message Board for directions. 

Hope to see you there.