Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trilliums Trilliums Trilliums

Every day they have been popping up - literally. Now they look like giant pieces of popcorn in the woods. And they are everywhere!!

   This big stretch of them is on the Otter Lake side of the road, just past the portage
 and it seems to stretch on forever.

Yep, the Dog Tooth Violets are all done. The Trillium is definitely the feature flower of the week.

Up next - the Purple Violet and the Strawberry Blossom.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Deer Tracks, Daffodils and those Damn B-flies

The weather has been up and down since the last post, but things are continuing to grow. Although the leaves are a bit behind the city ones (we were there yesterday), I think they will catch up. And we did get some much-needed rain.

Here is what last Sunday looked like.

The rest of the week hasn't been that beautiful, but I took some pics on our walks. So many deer tracks that I knew I would see some on the road and sure enough on Wednesday night, two big doe(s) were on the road, right where the most tracks were. Since I was expecting them, I was going very slowly.

The dog tooth violets are probably at their peek right now and there are patches of them everywhere -  in the woods, on the road. It seems odd that I haven't seen so many of them before. They do bring back such fond childhood memories.

As to the Damn B-flies, there is no nice picture! Wednesday was the first day that they were gathering around my face. Ugh. But hopefully with all these ups and downs in temperature, they won't last long.