Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Garage Sale Season Has Arrived

Seems like everywhere you go, there is at least one garage sale somewhere. In cottage country, it seems to happen when the leaves are out, but it's still too cold to go swimming.

And this year, we are joining the parade. That's right, this Saturday, June 20th, we will be getting rid of 22 years worth of things that we don't use anymore - things that got pushed to the back of the crawl space when we renovated. All kinds of things. From tools to folk art, there is quite a variety of "stuff".

There have never been so many ways to get rid of things as there are these days. You can go digital with ebay, kijiji, craigslist - the online options are endless.  But for me, that's just too hard to keep following what's going on and dealing with people who are a keyboard away. I still like the old school kind of sale. I think most people still like to spend a day going from sale to sale, poking around to find something that someone else is getting rid of at a great price.  And furnishing a cottage is always a work in progress.

For some sellers like us, it's a little bit sad. Saying goodbye to things that at one point were important enough to buy. But now they are just extra "stuff" and you need to get rid of them. But for buyers, it's a chance to get something at a fabulously low price. Do you really need it? Maybe not, but you can always put it in your own garage sale later.

More and more, people are opting for the all-season garage sale, where they put up a temporary shelter, fill it with stuff and put out their sign any Saturday or Sunday they are around, and see who comes along.

For us, it's a one-day, one-shot deal from 9:00 to 4:00. That's about all the excitement we can stand.
If you are up this weekend, look for us at 319 Salmon Lake Road.

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