Sunday, January 11, 2015

Snow for 11 Days Straight

Not sure if this is some kind of record, but we had snow every single day since New Year's Eve (except for the day that it was _36 with the wind chill and too cold to snow - or go outside). We have more snow now - on the 11th day of January - than we did after a whole month of snowing in November. And it is still falling!!!

The forecast is getting ridiculous - "Snow squall warnings with 5-10 cm today, followed by 5-10 cm tonight and then 5-10 cm tomorrow."  We see Parry Sound on the Global Weather report virtually every night.

Since we spend our days moving the snow in the driveway, the deck has been sorely ignored, resulting in this. The drifts are nearly up to the railing and the snow on the railing has curled down on the outside.  This is now officially a job for the professionals. Our backs are much too old for this!

Rumour has it that we may get a reprieve this week, but by then we will be heading for someplace warm to hide for a bit. So we will leave whatever comes next to our "house sitters" to deal with. Surely this can't keep up forever, right?

Still no snowmobile tracks on the lake - either that or it just keeps snowing and covering them up.

And we thought last year was Snowmaggedon.....

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