Friday, April 17, 2015

Is it Spring yet?

What a winter it was!! It made for a great spectator sport from Barbados, but we were very happy to miss the extreme cold temperatures that seemed to go on forever. The silver lining for all of us from Ontario was that our friends there from Nova Scotia and PEI had it way worse than we did. I am sure they are still digging out.

Don't tell Mother Nature, but we have had 4 sunny days in a row!! With the sunshine and the milder temps, the snow is melting quickly and the ice is starting its slow departure. The last few days have encouraged us to walk, and the grader did the roads yesterday, so a few million of the potholes are gone. Still absolutely no point in getting the car washed, but you can't have everything.

Here are some pictures we took on yesterday's walk. You can see that there is water around the shoreline and that the portage is really starting to open up.

This is our shoreline and you can see water at the edge.

The Salmon Lake side of the portage. Look at that blue sky!!!

Still patches of snow under the trees, but going quickly. 
Today on the way back from town, I heard on the Moose FM that the snow is going very quickly due to the warmer temperatures and warm winds. Should all be gone soon.

Someone said that they were on their lake last weekend and there is still lots of ice. Even though we can see the water round the edges, there may still be up to two feet under there.  But fingers crossed it will be all clear by the time you and the loons start coming back.

Next up - blackflies.

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