Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ice Exit and Loon Arrival

It was an incredible weekend with temps so warm that garden activity was done in shirt sleeves on Saturday. Sunday was a bit cooler, but still lovely.

Then Monday morning happened. We were wakened by the incredible winds and rain. It was wild.
The wind was so strong that it  blew the ice into shore from the middle of the lake - moving our dock as it came.

But by the end of the day (with a good power outage and a little workout for the generator), the ice was nearly gone.

Here's this morning's photo.  Ice is pretty much gone, with just a bit around the shoreline. This was a much faster melt than last year.

And the first loon call was heard around 8:00. They really must be circling to see when it's safe to land.


  1. I heard the loons overhead early Sunday morning. What a blessed and joyful announcement that a new season is upon us. Winter on the lake was spectacular and serene. But it will be a joy to see the loons assume their rightful dominion of the lake once again. Peter Biro

  2. The same day, we also saw a pair of mergansers, a Great Crested Flycatcher and a quail and, even as the ice continued to melt, we watched two wolves (likely Timber) scamper nimbly across the lake.